Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Collaboration and sharing knowledge are critical to the mission of advancing Fair Chance Hiring practices. We curate these resources to highlight examples of what works and what doesn’t and to showcase important challenges as well as successes for both individuals and organizations.

Our Community, Our Opportunity (documentary)

Roadtrip Nation, a non-profit storytelling organization, produced a series of stories about fair-chance hiring, as well as educational opportunities for individuals looking to forge a career after a period of incarceration. Click here to see more. The content will become a documentary for PBS; stay tuned for more information.

Untapped Talent (book)

Author Jeffrey D. Korzenik shares the business case and best practices employing people with criminal records. The first and only book of its kind, “Untapped Talent” is meant to inform and inspire business leaders to broaden their hiring to this population. Click here for more information.

Harvard Business School Case Study

In 2019, Harvard Business School produced a case study of Nehemiah Manufacturing’s decision to focus heavily on fair-chance hiring. The case study deals with the challenges and opportunities associated with growing a manufacturing company while prioritizing a social mission. Click here for more information or to purchase the case study.

Employer Toolkit 2.0 (Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati)

The Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati produced a toolkit for employers interested in implementing fair-chance hiring, including a look at workplace policies that can help businesses support and retain individuals with criminal records. Click here. Registration is required.

Second Chance Business Coalition

The Second Chance Business Coalition is a cross-sector coalition of large, private-sector firms committed to expanding fair-chance hiring and advancement practices within their companies. Click here for more information.

Responsible Business Initiative for Justice

The Responsible Business Initiative for Justice is an international non-profit organization working with companies to champion fairness, equality, and effectiveness across systems of punishment and incarceration. They engage, educate, and equip businesses to advocate for key criminal justice issues, support policy-specific reform campaigns, and use their resources and operations to be a force for good in society. Click here for more information.

In The News

Individual Success Stories

Several studies have made the business case for Fair Chance Hiring, but the human stories reveal the powerful moral case that creates stronger families and stronger communities.

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