Nehemiah Manufacturing

Since 2009, Nehemiah Manufacturing has been on a mission to Build Brands, Create Jobs, and Change Lives. To maximize opportunity, Nehemiah has intentionally resisted automation on the production line – preferring instead to develop hands-on opportunities for people to improve performance. Their efforts to hire the hard-to-hire weren’t always successful at first. They would invite people to work from the street corners of the city. Many would show up until payday and then not be seen again. It wasn’t until Nehemiah began working with social service agencies like JobsPlusCincinnati Works, and the HELP Program that they developed a model that could shift production and success into higher gear. Developing employees is a part of the mission – Nehemiah now has a full time social worker on staff to help individuals through the bumps of the first couple years. Respect is another important facet. Nehemiah regularly shows appreciation to the workforce, with grill-out lunches every Friday throughout summer, backpacks brimming with school supplies in the fall, and a visit from Santa Claus at Christmas for each worker’s family, as well as other recognition and personal attention. The family atmosphere at Nehemiah is robust. Loyalty and retention are through the roof. High production is a tangible result – and that is with a Second Chance employee base of 50 FTEs (Full Time Equivalents) accounting for 66% of their production, manufacturing, warehousing operation. They are dedicated to hiring even more as business grows.