Lawn Life

Lawn Life is a growing company founded on second chances. Tim Arnold has the heart to help others find the opportunity to work, to achieve, and to grow because not long ago he was on the receiving end of the second chance. In the quiet of prison, Tim found God. He asked God, “What do you want me to do? I’ve been nothing but a bad ass kid all my life. ” And God answered him. “I know. I want you to work with my bad ass kids.” Obediently, Tim founded Lawn Life to teach young at risk individuals to look for work opportunities and to step up to do that work well and earn a decent living. Jobs in lawn care earn individuals opportunities to work in the construction side of the business, learning trades working at the shoulders of experts. Within a year of working at Lawn Life, individuals are encouraged to apply what they’ve learned to advance to their next job outside of the organization. In six years, Tim has employed 582 at risk young adults in what has grown to be a $2.1 million enterprise. The company has grown from Cincinnati roots to now include Columbus and Cleveland. And plans are to keep growing. The real service they provide? Teaching work ethic: Be on time. Do good work. The paycheck is your reward. Lawn Life provides a stepping stone for at risk individuals to know the joy, the satisfaction, the reward of earning an honest dollar.