Most companies with full-time jobs to fill will not consider an applicant whose story is marred with criminal activity or past drug dependency to be an asset. But companies like Nehemiah Manufacturing, JBM Packaging, and many others have a different story to tell. They regularly provide employment opportunities to people with criminal records or returning from a prison sentence. And theseĀ individuals have taken this opportunity to become some of the hardest working, most appreciative, and most dedicated employees in the industry. They changed their lives. The restored their families. And their employers flourish. Their stories are hereā€¦

Employer Stories of the Second Chance

Nehemiah Manufacturing

Since 2009, Nehemiah Manufacturing has been on a mission to Build Brands, Create Jobs, and Change Lives. To maximize opportunity, Nehemiah has intentionally resisted automation on the production…

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Lawn Life

Lawn Life is a growing company founded on second chances. Tim Arnold has the heart to help others find the opportunity to work, to achieve, and to grow…

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Second Chance Employees Have More to Prove